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  • Custom Wavefront Lasik Technology
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  • How to Choose Your LASIK Surgeon
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  • IntraLASIK: The Safest LASIK Yet
  • CRYSTALENS: The First Generation of a New Type of Lens that Will End the Need for Reading Glasses
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    New LASIK Technologies in Dallas
    Dr. Michael Mazaheri
    The M LASIK Center
    North Dallas, Plano, and Richardson, Texas
    lasik dallas

    Known to be the "Doctor's Doctor" & Johns Hopkins trained, The M LASIK Center was specially designed for LASIK surgery. Dr. Michael Mazaheri personally interacts with LASIK patients and does his own final measurements to customize your eyes at surgery. His patient commitment shows his desire and goals for precision, quality and patient care.

    LASIK eye surgery in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex has recently seen some tremendous advancements. Custom LASIK using the VISX Star S4 laser featuring the Active track 3D Eye Tracker and WavePrint system allows for a higher level of vision correction & safety previously not attainable.

    Read the whole article - New LASIK Technologies in Dallas

    Restor Implantable Lens for Cataracts
    William A. Boothe, MD
    Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center
    Dallas, TX

    Restor is a permanent artificial lens, implanted in the eye to restore vision after the natural lens is removed because of cataract with or without presbyopia (over 40 vision). The ReSTOR lens is convex on both sides and made of a soft plastic, whcih is folded and inserted into the eye through a tiny incision smaller than the optic diameter of the lens. After insertion, the lens gently unfolds to restore vision. The supporting arms (haptics) of the lens maintain proper positioning within the eye.

    Read the whole article - Acrysof Implantable Restor Lens for Cataracts

    Technological Advances in Refractive Surgery
    Chris J. Cabler, M.D.
    The Laser Vision Center
    Houston, TX

    Now that Laser Vision Correction (LASIK, PRK) has been approved for all refractive errors -- nearsighted , farsighted, astigmatism, and presbyopia - we are often asked if there are even more improvements to come. The answer is an emphatic Y E S. Many new technological advances are being made every day in all areas of refractive surgery. Two new developments that have recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration are Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) and Custom Wavefront Ablation.

    Read the whole article - Technological Advances in Refractive Surgery

    Ask the Doctor!
    See common questions and answers
    Steven H. Dunn, M.D.
    Houston Eye Associates
    Houston, TX
    steven dunn lasik surgeon

    Q - Can Lasik be done right away or does the doctors have to run tests before the operation?

    A The pre-operative evaluation is extremely important. I see patients a minimum of three times prior to their surgery. I test and re-test. By the time the patient is ready for surgery, I know they are well educated, I know the numbers I have are accurate, and I know that the patient is a great candidate. I realize this is inconvenient, but I believe this is the safest, most accurate, and therefore the ONLY way to do LASIK.

    Houston Eye Associates - Steven H. Dunn, M.D.

    ask the lasik doctor

    Dr. Dunn is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and is a Fellow in the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Prior to joining Houston Eye Associates, Dr. Dunn was Chief of Ophthalmology at MacGregor Medical Association.

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    IntraLASIK: Incomparable Safety In LASIK Eye Surgery
    Dr. William Boothe, MD
    Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center
    Plano, TX
    lasik in dallas by dr william boothe

    IntraLASIK is the only technology available that uses an FDA-approved laser designed specifically for the creation of the corneal flap. The IntraLASIK procedure uses the accuracy and precision of the computer-controlled IntraLase FS laser to create the corneal flap. The corneal flap is lifted to allow Dr. Boothe to use a separate FDA-approved excimer laser to perform the actual vision correction.

    Read the whole article - Intra LASIK Technologies in Dallas

    Non Surgical Thread Face Lift in Dallas, Texas
    Dallas Dermatology Consultants
    Dr. Rebecca Euwer
    Dr. Michael Maris
    Dallas, TX

    Thread Face Lift is also known by the names Contour Threads, Threadlift, Featherlift, Aptos Threads, Russian threads, and Lifestyle Lift. The technnology is based on the use of directional barbed polypropylene threads which are placed strategically beneath the skin. The threads are tightened, providing lift to sagging facial skin and eliminating years from one's appearance.

    Mesotherapy Dallas
    for Cellulite Reduction

    The newest and most popular treatment for spot fat and cellulite reduction is Mesotherapy. Hundreds of doctors across the United States are embracing this treatment.

    Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy in Dallas is available at The Cosmetique in Uptown.

    Goodbye READING GLASSES: New Vision Correction
    for Baby Boomers
    Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)
    Glenn H. Strauss, M.D.
    Heaton Eye Associates
    Tyler & Longview, TX

    If you’re over 40, you have most likely noticed changes in your vision. Many people who never wore glasses before now are suddenly forced to wear glasses to do things like drive at night, work on a computer or read a book. It is a frustrating sign of aging. Fortunately, you are not alone. Over 60 million Americans suffer from farsightedness (clinically called "hyperopia"). Being farsighted means you can see things better at a distance, then close up.

    Until now, laser procedures have been your only option to reduce your dependence on glasses. However, many of us are hesitant when it comes to our vision. Now there is a revolutionary vision correction option available to those of us over 40 that is safe, simple, fast and economical. It is called Conductive Keratoplasty, or CK. It has the approval of the FDA and it is the next big advancement in better vision for those over 40.

    Read the whole article - CK Conductive Keratoplasty

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    William Boothe Dallas Lasik Surgeon

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    Plano, TX 75075
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    Carter Eye Center
    Cornea Associates of Texas
    7150 Greenville Avenue, Suite 600
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    Drs. Prevatt & Ringger
    1009 N. Sam Rayburn Fwy.
    Sherman, Texas 75090
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    3025 Matlock
    Arlington, TX 76015
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    North Dallas Eye Associates
    3537 S. I-35 E, Suite 308
    Denton, TX 76205
    North Dallas Eye Associates
    Pickard Eyecare & Gallery
    9090 Skillman Avenue #166A
    Dallas, TX 75243
    Pickard Eyecare & Gallery
    Slusher Eye Center
    3600 Gaston Avenue, Suite 964
    Dallas, Texas 75246
    Slusher Eye Center
    Texas Eye and Laser Center
    5000 Collinwood
    Ft. Worth, Texas 76107
    Texas Eye and Laser Center
    The Eye Doctors Office, Inc.
    6036 Sherry Lane
    Dallas, Tx 75225
    The Eye Doctors Office, Inc.
    The M LASIK Center
    670 W. Campbell, Suite 100
    Richardson, TX 75080
    The M LASIK Center
    Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center
    3100 N. MacArthur Blvd
    Irving, TX 75062
    Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center
    Visionary Eye Care & Laser Center
    500 N. Coit Rd., Suite 2085
    Richardson, TX 75080
    Visionary Eye Care & Laser Center
    5421 La Sierra Drive
    Dallas, TX 75248

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